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Financial Info
2909 Walton Blvd
Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Ph:   248.373.2225
We participate with most
Insurance Plans
Located at Walton and Adams across
from the Village of Rochester Hills.
We participate with many insurance plans.  If you have chiropractic coverage, please bring your card.   If you are
unsure, call us at 248-373-2225 and we can verify coverage for you.

Don’t have coverage?  We believe chiropractic should be affordable and accessible.  We offer flexible payment plans
and financing.  (We also suggest you let your insurance and government officials know you want chiropractic care

We will gladly bill claims for you.
Did you know chiropractic can help reduce heath care costs?  
2004-Archives of Internal Medicine
The study involved a 4-year retrospective claims data
analysis that compared more than 700,000 health plan
members with an additional chiropractic coverage
benefit, and 1 million members of the same health plan
without chiropractic benefit.

…individual members with chiropractic coverage had a
12% lower annual medical care cost than members
without chiropractic benefit.

Antonio P. Legorreta, MD, MPH; R. Douglas Metz, DC; Craig F.
Nelson, DC, MS; Saurabh Ray, PhD; Helen Oster Chernicoff, MD,
MSHS; Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD. “Comparative Analysis of
Individuals With and Without Chiropractic Coverage, Patient
Characteristics, Utilization, and Costs “ Arch Intern Med. 2004;164:
1993-Stano Report  
Michigan's Oakland University, Miron Stano, Ph.D.
compared the health care costs for medical and
chiropractic patients.

…patients who received chiropractic care, either alone or
in conjunction with medical care, experienced health
care costs that were $1000 lower on average than those
who received only medical care.

Stano, Miron, PhD. "A Comparison of Health Care Costs for
Chiropractic and Medical patients." Journal of Manipulative and
Physiological Therapeutics 1993: 16(5): 291-299.
We never have a true idea of the
value of health until we lose it
.  ~
Josh Billings